Hilo, Hawaii (1/24/2004)

Our friends in Hilo, Hawaii couldn't be with us on Saturday. Taking to heart Evelyn's wish that the entire Pacific Ocean be her memorial, Don and Kathy  chose an appropriate way to celebrate her memory. At noon (an auspicious time in Hawaii) on Saturday 1/24/04, Don and Kathy went to Lalakea (along the coast in Hilo) and gave a lei to the sea in Evelyn's memory. Given the time difference, this was about the same time we were scattering Evelyn's ashes.



The lei was made eco-friendly. A ti leaf lei was used to string the pua  kenikeni flowers and orchids. All the flowers and ti leaves were from Don and Kathy's yard. Evelyn had visited that yard many times and that added a personal connection to the memorial.


The lei drifted out to see, spending some time in the lava tube beneath Don and Kathy's feet.


Aloha Don and Kathy. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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