The San Miguel Tree Planting Ceremony (5/4/2004)

On May 4, 2004, the teachers, staff, and parents of San Miguel Elementary School in South Gate, California honored Evelyn by planting a tree. San Miguel was Evelyn's first school as a Principal. She was always extremely proud of what the school accomplished while she was there and would be pleased at how well she is remembered.



Andrea Johnson, the current Principal of San Miguel, opened the ceremonies. (The sign on the podium is incorrect -- Evelyn left San Miguel in 2000.)


Jennifer was invited to say a few words about her mother. She is accompanied by Olivia, who has grown considerably since the picture with Evelyn on the home page. To read Jennifer's words click here.


Sue Treadway, one of the moving forces behind the ceremony joined in the welcome.


Janice Stearns, an old friend of Evelyn and our family and the other moving force behind the ceremony, gave a lovely remembrance of Evelyn. To read her words, click here.




When the podium was opened to the assembled teachers, staff, parents, and students, a large number  found they had something to say.


After the good memories and kind words were shared, the attendees joined in planting flowers around the base of the newly planted tree. Jenny, Alexandra, Chloe, and Olivia were among the first.





The final memorial. A commemorative plaque will be added later.


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