Scattering Evelyn's Ashes (1/24/2004)

January 24th  was an overcast Saturday afternoon. It had been sunny all week, but on this day even the weather seemed to take note of the somber occasion. At 1:00 pm the Neptune II left berth 77 in San Pedro. The berth is in the Ports of Call entertainment area and near the restaurant where we have celebrated many occasions over the years notably Evelyn's 50th birthday and, most recently, her retirement as a principal. Since the boat could only hold a limited number of people, I've included pictures here so that all of you could share this with us.

The boat left the Port of Los Angeles passing near the Angel's Gate Lighthouse at the end of the breakwater.


When the boat was well out of the harbor, Captain Alice Weiss passed out roses to all the participants.


The Captain said a few words including a short poem and the 23rd Psalm (because it is both traditional and appropriate).


As we threw our flowers into the water, the Captain delivered Evelyn's ashes to the sea.


The ashes dispersed quickly. One of the nice things about this type of burial at sea is that the entire Pacific Ocean soon becomes her resting place. Think of her whenever you go to the beach or visit a Pacific island.


The boat makes one slow circle around the ashes and heads back to San Pedro.


 This simple yet elegant ceremony would have pleased Evelyn. Our thanks to Captain Weiss and the  Neptune Society.


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