Evelyn Bostwick

August 4, 1945 – January 13, 2004

Dear Friends and Family,

Many of you may already have heard the sad news, but some have not. We lost Evelyn on Tuesday January 13 at 5:50 pm PST. Over nearly eight years she won every battle against breast cancer. This last battle, however, was too much for her. The cancer, which had settled in her liver and brain, had an explosive growth. In three weeks, over half a dozen new tumors were found in here brain. That many tumors and the rate at which they were growing made the condition untreatable.

For details about what happened and the events that followed, please read on.

Love to all,


What Happened

Evelyn was confused and disoriented on Christmas day. Christmas night she was delusional and shaking. When she vomited in her sleep and choked, I called 911. In about four minutes, our living room was filled with firemen. Three big firemen carried Evelyn down the stairs and took her to the ER, where they admitted her to the hospital. She was agitated and delusional all the next day (Friday). The diagnosis indicated the symptoms were from a seizure caused by swelling in reaction to the tumors in her brain. She was treated with steroids to reduce the swelling.

Saturday morning, the phone woke me up at home. It was Evelyn calling me from the hospital. She asked, “What happened?” I told her and discovered she had no memory of Christmas day. After I hung up, I called our daughter Jennifer with the good news. She was pleased and let me know her water had just broken. Olivia Hope Hoff was born just after midnight that night, Sunday, December 28. This picture is the last one we have of Evelyn. You can see how happy she is with her new granddaughter.



The picture was taken on Jan. 2. Olivia was not quite a week old and Jenny smuggled her into the hospital to meet her grandmother. Both of them were very happy.

After this visit, Evelyn began to sleep more and more. After a few days, she was sleeping all the time. She seemed to be peaceful and in no pain. The sleep got deeper and deeper until the 13th, when she stopped breathing. Her passing was peaceful and quiet.


Evelyn’s Requests

Evelyn had some very specific requests:

5313 Highgrove Street
Torrance, CA  90505


Events and Celebrations

Click on these links to see pictures of the events celebrating Evelyn's life.

Scattering Evelyn's Ashes (1/24/2004)

Evelyn's Party (2/28/2004)

Other Celebrations

Hilo, Hawaii (1/24/2004)

The San Miguel Tree Planting Ceremony (5/4/2004)


Now that everything is said and done, Evelyn's immediate family would like to thank the community of friends and extended family for your support during this trying period. The cards and emails for Evelyn filled three thick binders. We felt your prayers and well wishes and we are deeply grateful.


Thank you!